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A team passionate about health and nutrition is researching information on top-rated dietary supplements in the market.

Our focus is on the most popular diet plans and weight loss supplements, natural herbal remedies, essential oils, teas and energy drinks, multivitamins, brain vitamins and amino-acids, fitness supplements for workout and pre-workout, and other top-rated health products.

Our Mission

You will not find on DHMReviews thousands of health products and supplements, like you may probably find on other review websites, and that’s because we focus on quality and not quantity. We try to research only the products that worth paying attention to, and we believe this will make it easier for you to make the right choice. Looking at and searching through thousands of supplements will just make you confused and more undecided what to buy.

Our Community

We are trying to build a community and because of this, we let visitors comment on products reviewed on our site. We also invite you to leave your comments and share your experience with others to help them chose the best product for their needs. If you tried any of the products reviewed by us, or you just have a passion for health and nutrition, you are in the right place.

Integrity of Reviews

All our research and reviews are not ordered, paid or compensated directly by manufacturers in any form. Our main source of funding is obtained through sale commissions throughout different affiliate programs or networks such as Amazon Associates and other. DHMReviews has a financial support no matter what supplement or product you decide to order.

If you want to help us grow you can support us by ordering products through our affiliate links. Ordering through our affiliate links in not adding any extra cost to your order. The commission we earn (for our contribution in bringing manufacturers/sellers a new customer) is a form of advertising entirely supported by manufacturers/sellers from their profit.

Ranking System

Our ranking system is targeting some of the most important aspects that customers are using when buying a product to make a decision on which product is best for their needs. All the products are rated based on an in-deep research of information and taking into consideration the reviews and ratings posted by real customers on 3rd party retail websites.

Supplements are rated based on product quality, label accuracy, ingredient safety, supplement efficacy and affordability and diet plans are rated based on popularity, expected results, safeness, restrictiveness and overall cost.

We are not comparing products because each product can help you with different health problems and a comparison would not be accurate, or it would be subjective. Each customer should choose a product based on his specific needs, to make sure it’s helping him with the health issues he is dealing with.

Popular Supplement Reviews

  • Multizyme Review 0 Comments
  • Multizyme Standard Process

    Multizyme is a digestive formula containing digestive enzymes and herbs such as peppermint and ginger to help in breaking down carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Digestive enzymes present in it help in different phases of digestion. The blend amylase, lipase, protease & cellulase ginger rhizome provides a choleric effect to increase bile secretion, helps in getting relief from chronic indige…

  • Zymex Review 0 Comments
  • Zymex Standard Process

    Enjoying good intestinal health means that digestion is carried out properly so that the body assimilates well the nutrients it needs and excretes the waste substances. Symptoms such as gas, constipation, diarrhea, or recurrent infections in the urinary or vaginal tract may mean that our intestinal flora is unbalanced. We must, therefore, maintain a balanced diet, consuming fruits and vegeta…

  • HairAnew Review 0 Comments
  • HairAnew Naturenetics

    What is going on inside our bodies is reflected on the outside. If something is wrong with us, our hair, skin and nails are the first to “give us away”. Taking care of our hair, nails and skin are not just applying shampoo or soap to keep them clean, it is also about a balanced diet, regular exercise, and overall, a healthy lifestyle. Nowadays, this is quite hard; we are surrounded by junk f…

  • Earth’s Pearl Review 0 Comments
  • Earth’s Pearl

    Broadly speaking, the intestinal flora is a group of bacteria that live in the intestine that are most beneficial. When the intestinal flora is altered we can suffer digestive discomforts like swelling, constipation, diarrhea, and bloating. It may seem uncomfortable but these are not the only consequences; since the flora is also responsible for other functions such as the production of grow…

  • Move Free Review 0 Comments
  • Move Free Schiff Vitamins

    Joint pain is a very common symptom that makes the daily life of many people difficult. Discomfort in knees, elbows, wrists, and ankles that feel like punctures, acute pain, stiffness and/or inflammation, make it almost impossible to carry out many common activities and can affect such important factors in the quality of life, such as sleeping patterns. There are two types of chronic joint p…