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The full form of BCAAs is Branched Chain Amino Acids. This is a nutrition supplement that helps in muscle growth. For people who are unable to intake sufficient amount of protein Optimum Nutrition Instantized BCAA Capsule provides the daily requirement of protein which will result in muscular growth. This supplement will help you to improve your athletic performance. This is a safe product to use in comparison to many other nutrition supplements. This fitness supplement comes in capsules form which is easy to swallow. You can take this before or after your daily workout with any of your favorite beverages or any protein shake.

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Optimum Nutrition is the manufacturing company of Optimum Nutrition Instantized BCAA Capsules. Optimum Nutrition Company is a very popular name in the field of supplying nutrition supplements. This company was established in the year 1986. This is the subsidiary of Glanbia Inc. Glanbia is very famous for producing cheese products. Except for Optimum Nutrition Inc. Glanbia also has its subsidiary, which is named ABB. The main motto of this company is to provide a quality product to its customers. The company tried its best to make their product safe and effective. The company always tries to make nutrient supplements with natural ingredients. That’s why its products are still in high demand than other brands’ products.

For advice and additional information about this supplement or helpful tips, you can contact the manufacturing company directly at the following phone number: 1-800-705-5226.

BCAA Ingredients

Ingredients: BCAAs (L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine).

Other ingredients: Gelatin, Magnesium stearate, and Microcrystalline Cellulose.


Optimum Nutrition Branched Chain Essential Amino Acid Capsules have many benefits. It helps in the growth of new muscle and repairing of broken muscle. This supplement is used by people who are involved in the athletic performance, or any gym trainer or any individual who wants to keep themselves fit and active.

BCAA is helpful for the functioning of skeletal muscle cells, and also it provides enough energy to enhance your athletic performance. Bcaa also plays a vital role in various physiologic and metabolic activities in the human body. People who are skinny can also take this nutrition supplement as this supplement helps in the growth of muscles and with the help of proper exercise, you can give your body a proper shape. But this nutritional supplement will not let you gain unwanted weight. So this fitness supplement is also used by fat people not to lose weight but to provide enough strength and stamina to perform the intense exercise to lose weight and come in proper shape. Along with improving athletic performance and muscle growth it also helps to reduce your tiredness and muscle breakdown during intense exercise or workout.

The product is not only effective but also safe to use by any individual in comparison to any other fitness supplements available in the market. The use of this product will give you the desired result any less time, so this is both quick and a safe product.

Customer Reviews

There are many reviews available online from customers who have tried this product.

How Much Does BCAA Cost?

BCAA is a little less expensive than other similar nutritional supplements.

Side Effects and Warnings


  • It should be kept away from children under three years.
  • Pregnant women should avoid this product.
  • An individual under any medical prescription should avoid this product.

There are no side effects on taking Optimum Nutrition Instantized BCAA Capsules as your nutrient supplements.

Where To Buy BCAA?

BCAA can be ordered online from different places but our recommendation is to either buy it directly from the manufacturer or purchase it from trusted online retailers which may offer you discounts.

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