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Kali Phos a nutritional supplement by Hyland’s Homeopathic supports the problems related to nerves and acts as a nerve remedy. It is also called potassium phosphate. It claims to provide immediate relief from conditions of nervousness as well as may prove effective against headaches. Most of the time, various nerve problems can give rise to pain and feelings of uneasiness. The majority of people may prefer the use of supplements instead of conventional medicines. Hyland’s Homeopathic claims it to be a wonderful choice. According to them, Kali Phos may treat all such nerve-related problems effectively without giving side effects. It comes in the form of tablets and the recommended dosage is 2 to 4 tablets daily either directly or dissolved in water.

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Kali Phos is the product of Hyland’s Homeopathic that produces homeopathic formulations. They claim to follow the highest quality standards in the preparation of these products and the use of the best quality and natural ingredients. They show years old commitment to their field i.e. homeopathy, and this results in the production of consistently high-quality products. They maintain their excellence by offering eminence, integrity, and honesty in every homeopathic formulation.

For advice and additional information about this supplement or helpful tips, you can contact the manufacturing company directly at the following phone number: 1-800-624-9659.

Kali Phos Ingredients

Kali Phos is composed of potassium, phosphate, lactose, and sucrose. Potassium and phosphate are both important minerals and constituents of our body system particularly required for the normal function of nerves. Potassium helps in the normal operation of the nerve conduction pathway. Lactose and sucrose provide energy to the body. Thus, Kali Phos is a mixture of natural elements and so it may prove safe to use. It does not possess any artificial sweeteners, gluten, yeast, gelatin or soy, etc, i.e. those products to which most of the people are allergic. Therefore, these people can use it without any fear of allergic reactions.


Kali Phos works as a nerve soother within our body. It claims to provide a calming effect in the case of stressful situations. It claims to offer a wonderful peaceful effect in nerve-related pains. The manufacturer states that anyone who is feeling a temporary sort of nerviness, stress because of some anxiety or excitement or even problems related to nervous indigestion and headaches can be controlled by the use of Kali Phos. Kali Phos is thus used to provide relief from the symptoms linked with conditions such as depression, nervousness, insomnia, excessive sweating, headaches and sometimes vertigo.

Customer Reviews

Kali Phos has many positive reviews from customers who have tried it.

How Much Does Kali Phos Cost?

Kali Phos can be found at a reasonable price.

Side Effects and Warnings

Kali Phos is found to be safe with no side effects. Even though no such side effects have been reported, it is still a must to consult a doctor before using this supplement. It will be good for you. It is also recommended that you talk with a qualified homeopath to make certain that this is the accurate remedy to go with your needs and that you get the exact potency and dosage essential to attain the results you wish for.

Kali Phos is contraindicated in pregnant women and in women in the lactating phase. It should be avoided in both conditions.

Always consult your doctor before using Kali Phos or any other supplement.

Where To Buy Kali Phos?

Kali Phos can be ordered online from different places but our recommendation is to either buy it directly from the manufacturer or purchase it from trusted online retailers which may offer you discounts.

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