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Prevagen is a nutritional brain supplement that claims to enhance memory and provide protection to the brain. It offers protection by maintaining the brain cells healthy for a longer duration of time. Obviously, when cells of the brain are living and well, all of the functions of the brain will be normal. This is the fact the manufacturers of this supplement has employed in making this product.

By keeping the cells of the brain healthy, the memory will be improved. This product claims to provide results within 30 days of its use.

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Quincy Bioscience is the manufacturer of this product. This company is actually a Biotechnology Company that dedicates itself to creating the latest technologies to help with the cognitive problems in neurodegenerative diseases and other such age-related health problems e.g. memory loss. The company’s supplements claim to focus on reducing the outcomes of spoiled calcium homeostasis. They offer the highest quality products at an affordable price. They proudly offer protein apoaequorin, which is jellyfish calcium-binding helpful for brain cell protection against brain tissue degeneration.

For advice and additional information about this supplement or helpful tips, you can contact the manufacturing company directly at the following phone number: 1-855-331-7721.

Prevagen Ingredients

The chief ingredient of Prevagen is the apoaequorin. It is one of the calcium-binding proteins and provides a good replacement for those brain proteins that are lost with aging. Various studies have proved it to be a neuroprotective protein. It replaces all those diminished proteins that are required for normal brain health and functions and thus, by doing so it helps with memory restoration function. The product also contains Vitamin D as D3 cholecalciferol. Other ingredients are microcrystalline cellulose, vegetable capsule (cellulose, water), sugar, contains 2% or less of acacia (gum arabic), casein peptones, corn starch, lactose, magnesium stearate (vegetable source), medium-chain triglycerides (vegetable oil), salt, soy peptones, DL-α-tocopherol, tricalcium phosphate, water. It contains milk, soy, tree nuts (coconut) derived ingredients. It possesses all normal and natural components having useful effects.


Prevagen claims to offer wonderful effects on the person’s brain by enhancing the function of memory and improving his ability of concentration. According to them, this product is specially made for people of old age who suffer from problems of memory and poor concentration.

This product causes the replacement of lost proteins in the brain and so claims to prevent neuronal degeneration. Due to aging, some essential proteins of the brain are lost and this leads to the beginning of the degeneration process. Because of this degeneration, people may suffer from memory loss of partial nature and poor concentration. But don’t worry the manufacturer of Prevagen claims to help with this health problem with the support of this nutritional brain supplement.

Customer Reviews

Prevagen has many positive reviews from Amazon customers.

How Much Does Prevagen Cost?

Prevagen is available all over the internet at a reasonable price.

Side Effects and Warnings

The company of this product claims it to be safe and free of any kind of side effects. They state that because of its natural ingredient composition, it does not have adverse effects. The majority of people tolerate it well. Also, its ingredients are non-allergic and no side effects have been reported by the people so far. According to its label, this supplement is clinically tested.

The use of Prevagen is contraindicated for ladies who are trying to get pregnant or who are already pregnant or nursing their babies. They must discuss it with their doctor before using it.

Where To Buy Prevagen?

You can check the manufacturer website if you want to purchase it directly from the source, or you can get a great deal on a retail website like Amazon where it’s sold by various sellers with great feedback.

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