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Your thyroid is one of the most important glands in your body. It produces hormones that work with the brain in releasing chemicals that directly connects with our energy, mood, focus, and physical activities. Are you easily tired, dizzy, and notices significant changes in your weight? These changes can be directed to the thyroid. Much or lesser release will affect regulations of the body.

To assure the best function, Thyroid Support Supplement was formulated. The supplement is packed with minerals, vitamins, herbs, and essential compounds that aids in regulating the thyroid to release its hormones at its best level. Healthy thyroid means healthy thought, emotions, and physical functions.


Thyroid Support Supplement is a quality product of 1 Body. Their company is one of the trusted brands in the United States. Their products are all third-party tested prior to the bottling process. They are also cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) certified, under the regulations of US Food and Drug Administration. The manufacturing is safe and under quality controlled environment.

They advocate for excellent nutrition, believing that it leads to excellent lives. This value motivates them to manufacture premium products like Thyroid Support and other food supplements.

For advice and additional information about this supplement or helpful tips, you can contact the manufacturing company directly at the following phone number: 1-844-208-4908.

Thyroid Support Ingredients

Ingredients: Vitamin B12 (as methylcobalamin), Iodine, Zinc, Selenium, Copper, Manganese, Molybdenum, L-Tyrosine, Schizandra, Coleus Forskohlii, Kelp, Ashwagandha Root, Bladderwrack, Cayenne Pepper.

Other ingredients: Vegetable capsule contains purified water and hypromellose.


Thyroid Support contains iodine, amino acids, vitamins and minerals that help the thyroid gland in its daily functions. How does it function? The thyroid absorbs iodine, an element that is essential in processing other hormones that are needed for metabolism. Metabolism is a process where our oxygen and calories are converted to energy that our body uses.

The lack of iodine or malfunction of thyroid will lead to a shortage of oxygen and calories. It results in dizziness, tiredness and weaker immunity. Further, it will result in abnormal sleeping habits, weight gains and can even lead to depression.

Thyroid Support supplies the lack of iodine and other minerals that you need. These are the major benefits of having a healthy thyroid:

  • Regulates Weight. The supply of iodine and other minerals help the thyroid to burn down calories and convert it to energy. Along with correct diet and exercise, you can achieve the weight you are dreaming of.
  • Regulates Emotion and Sustains Focus. Demanding days come and more of your energy is required. Thyroid Support supplies the further needs of your body. It aids the thyroid to release hormones that will help the brain regulate heartbeat and blood flow. It releases tension through the body’s stress releasing mechanisms.
  • Regulates Energy and Rest. Lack of iodine will result in fatigue. Thyroid Support assures that your energy is well supplied by a good functioning thyroid. You can gain a good sleep during your rest period and energy fueled the rest of the day.

Customer Reviews

There are many reviews available online from customers who have tried this product.

How Much Does Thyroid Support Cost?

Thyroid Support is a little less expensive than other similar nutritional supplements.

Side Effects and Warnings

A high amount of iodine is harmful to the body. Be careful of taking the supplement along with high-iodine content food or beverages. When side effects occur, consult your doctor. Dosage may vary from any age. This supplement should not be used as medicine, or substitute to treat any kind of disease or illness.

Where To Buy Thyroid Support?

Thyroid Support can be ordered online from different places but our recommendation is to either buy it directly from the manufacturer or purchase it from trusted online retailers which may offer you discounts.

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