Amazing Grass Supplements

List of Products Manufactured by Amazing Grass

Amazing Grass is manufacturing the following supplements/products:

Green SuperFood The Original, Green SuperFood Berry, Green SuperFood Chocolate, Green SuperFood Orange Dream, Green SuperFood Detox & Digest, Green SuperFood Alkalize & Detox, Green SuperFood Energy Lemon Lime, Green SuperFood Energy Watermelon, Green SuperFood Sweet Berry, Green SuperFood Tangerine Immunity, Green SuperFood Multi-Vitamin Pineapple Lemongrass, Green SuperFood Holiday Cookie, Green SuperFood Pumpkin Spice, Protein Superfood Chocolate, Protein Superfood Peanut Butter, Protein Superfood Pumpkin Spice, Protein Superfood Chocolate Peppermint, Protein Superfood Honey Roasted Peanut, Protein Superfood The Original, Protein Superfood Pure Vanilla, Protein Superfood Chocolate Peanut Butter, Protein Superfood Pure Vanilla, Protein Superfood Smooth Chocolate, Protein Superfood Simply Vanilla, Wheat Grass, Amazing Trio, Organic Kale Powder, Organic Supergreens Powder, Kidz SuperFood Outrageous Chocolate, Kidz SuperFood Berry Blast, Kidz SuperFood Strawberry Blast, Kidz SuperFood Extreme Chocolate, Beauty Elixir, Belly Elixir, Brain Elixir, Bedtime Elixir, Raw Reserve Original, Raw Reserve Berry, Effervescent Strawberry Lemonade, Effervescent Watermelon Lime, Effervescent Tropical, Effervescent Grape, Effervescent Lemon-Lime, Effervescent Berry, Whole Fruit, Nut & Seed Bar – Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt, Plant-Based Protein Bar – Chocolate Almond Butter, Whole Food Nutrition Bar – Original, Whole Food Nutrition Bar – Chocolate Chip Coconut, Whole Fruit, Nut & Seed Bar – Sweet & Savory, Plant-Based Protein Bar – Chocolate Peanut Butter.

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