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Focus Fast is formulated to make working memory better and improve your attention. This product is quite comparable to many other such supplements on the market and also makes use of the very identical ingredients. It is composed of over 50 ingredients. They think that using a large number of ingredients can make it more popular among people and they will buy it more. According to its manufacturers, this product is made to improve memory functions, focus, and attention. It claims to provide a good effect for a period of 6 hours if once taken. The recommended dosage is 1 tablet daily.

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FocusFast is the product of Enyotics Health Sciences, which is a North American based company. They claim to believe in the usual health of people and devote themselves to the well-being of all humans. They say that their products are totally researched and tested. They are composed of pure raw materials so they are safe to take. As reported by them, they have helped millions of people in improving their memory functions as well as concentration. They show commitment to the service of mankind by producing beneficial nutritional brain supplements.

For advice and additional information about this supplement or helpful tips, you can contact the manufacturing company directly at the following phone number: 1-888-369-0755.

FocusFast Ingredients

As we have mentioned, it is composed of a huge number of ingredients. These are different vitamins, herbs, antioxidants, minerals, etc. The ingredients are Pantothenic Acid, Niacin, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Folate, Thiamin, Chromium, Riboflavin, Vitamin B6, Gotu Kola, Theanine, Alpha-Lipoic Acid, Bacopa Monnieri Extract, Panax Ginseng Root Extract, Biloba Leaf Extract, CoEnzyme Q10, American Ginseng Root Extract, Ashwagandha Root, Phenylalanine, Pyroglutamic Acid, Lemon Balm Leaf, Ginkgo Phosphatidylserine, Rhodiola Rosea Root, Choline, Vinpocetine, Inositol, Soy Lecithin, Huperzia Serrata, Carnitine, Green Tea Leaf Extract, Tyrosine, Chlorella, Rosemary Leaf, Royal Jelly, Mucuna Pruriens Seed Extract, and St. John’s Wort Extract.


FocusFast claims to provide enhanced memory function by speeding up the action and rate of neural transmission. It claims to be one of the best cognitive supporters; therefore it’s all work is for brain and its health. People experiencing low memory and poor focus may benefit it. As it reports to increase the transfer of neural information, in this way, it claims to enhance memory storage, processing, and retrieval. It also stimulates various other physiological pathways thus it has multi-functions. According to the manufacturer, it may improve the functions of memory and increase performance within 6 hours of its intake. This is was seemed to be a bold claim by them.

FocusFast has many positive reviews from customers who have tried it.

Customer Reviews

FocusFast has many positive reviews from customers who have tried it.

How Much Does FocusFast Cost?

FocusFast can be found at a reasonable price.

Side Effects and Warnings

No side effects due to FocusFast has been noted by the people so far. Though it is based on natural ingredients, we may say that that you should be careful. If you are allergic to any of its ingredient, don’t use. But as a whole, it is a safe multi-vitamin supplement.

The use of FocusFast is contraindicated in children less than 18 years of age. It is also contraindicated in women who are trying to conceive a baby or pregnant or nursing their babies. They must consult with their doctors before using it.

Always consult your doctor before using FocusFast or any other supplement.

Where To Buy FocusFast?

FocusFast can be ordered online from different places but our recommendation is to either buy it directly from the manufacturer or purchase it from trusted online retailers which may offer you discounts.

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