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Syntol AMD is an intense, scientifically formulated mixture of chemicals, probiotics, and prebiotic that aids in keeping up a sound adjust of intestinal microflora where a yeast or contagious excess is available. When candida starts overproducing it releases toxic waste in your body which increases the permeability of gut which may lead to health problems like Bloating, constipation, or diarrhea, Fatigue and irritability, Immune response and bowel irritation, etc. For this Syntol is the best protection against the impact of candida development. Beneficial bacteria such as Bacillus subtilis present in Syntol crowd out the harmful bacteria and allow the intestine to restore its balance. The addition of systemic enzymes helps in enhancing the disposal of poisons which makes Syntol outstanding amongst other formulae in the market.

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Syntol AMD is manufactured by Arthur Andrew Medical, a leading supplier of health supplements. Arthur Andrew Medical has a simple principle which is, provide products that work. They focus on probiotic-based dietary supplements and enzymes so that we can deliver the most advanced product line possible where the quality of their product is also assured. Their company simply does not launch new products based on trends they put countless hours creating a new supplement and formula and then they are afterward proud to stand behind and confident enough that their products will provide beneficial results. They manufacture all the products keeping in mind all the conditions. Syntol is Non-GMO and tested by a third party. It is FDA approved.

For advice and additional information about this supplement or helpful tips, you can contact the manufacturing company directly at the following phone number: 800-448-5015.

Syntol Arthur Ingredients

Ingredients: B. Subtilis, L. Helveticus, S. Boulardii, L. acidophilus, L. Rhamnosus, L. Plantarum, L. Lactis, B. Bifidum, Isomalto-Oligosaccharide (IMO, prebiotic), and Digestive Yeast Cleanse.

Other ingredients: Cellulose(Acid Amor capsules).


Syntol battles unsafe microscopic organisms and yeast provinces alongside supporting proper digestion and a healthy immune system. It increases the growth of probiotics which helps to balance the digestive ecosystem of the human body. It makes the gut healthy by recolonizing gut with good bacteria which will resultantly help in maintaining overall health. Syntol contains a blend of enzymes that cleanse your intestinal system, Protease aids in digesting proteins, Hemicellulose promotes cellulose and digestion of fiber, Amylase helps in breaking down sugars. The enzymes work together and remove all unwanted proteins and dead cells from the body.

Syntol minimizes the die-off symptoms which are experienced during the yeast cleansing process and clears other unwanted debris. Bacillus subtilis found in Syntol shapes spores, the microscopic organisms colonize the root arrangement of the parasite, eliminating all fungal disease organisms. L. Helveticus prevent diarrhea with reducing the intolerance of lactose and can inhibit unfriendly bacteria. Syntol increases resistance to infection in the human body. Lactobacillus acidophilus is a sound microscopic organism that delivers hydrogen peroxide, lactic corrosive, and different substances that make an acidic, antagonistic condition for harmful organisms. Syntol keeps unsafe microorganisms from joining to the mucosal coating. It also improves emotional health and food craving including over-eating.

Customer Reviews

There are many reviews available online from customers who have tried this product.

How Much Does Syntol Arthur Cost?

Syntol Arthur is a little more expensive than other similar nutritional supplements.

Side Effects and Warnings

No serious side effects have been reported by clients yet from taking probiotics or enzymes present in Syntol because it is just helping your body by maintaining health and boosting the immune system, it removes excessive harmful bacteria and waste products of the body so resultantly it has no adverse effects. But few warnings are given by product manufacturers. You should read all the information carefully regarding this supplement and consult your doctor once before taking it. It is also advisable for people taking anticoagulants and pregnant or nursing women to consult your doctor before using it.

Where To Buy Syntol Arthur?

Syntol Arthur can be ordered online from different places but our recommendation is to either buy it directly from the manufacturer or purchase it from trusted online retailers which may offer you discounts.

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